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Following in His Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cousin's Footsteps
Monday, December 09, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Mon Dec 9, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
How emerging playwright Alex Riad is using his hometown as fodder for a theatrical trilogy --- Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Adly Guirgis may be Alex Riad's cousin, but Lucy Thurber's Hilltown Plays are what prompted him to start writing about his California hometown. "They blew me away," recalls Riad about seeing Thurber's five-play cycle focused...
Why It's Important That a Black Actress Play Jimmy Carter
Wednesday, November 20, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Nov 20, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Playwright Susan Lambert Hatem talks about her unconventional political history play --- A young man wants to know how it really went down in "the room where it happened." No, it's not a scene from Hamilton; it's from Susan Lambert Hatem's play Confidence (and The Speech), currently running at Theatre Row. Like Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash-hit musical,...
How Three Diverse Creators Brought a Musical About Racial Strife to Life
Monday, November 11, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    1 comment Share This
Mon Nov 11, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    1 comment Share This
The unusual development of Broadbend, Arkansas --- It's ironic that Broadbend, Arkansas -- the new two-person musical about an African-American father and daughter grappling with the personal impact of racial oppression in the '60s and '80s -- started off as a monologue about an elderly Southern white woman living in a nursing home during the pre-civil...
This Is Not Another Slave Play
Friday, November 08, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Fri Nov 8, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
The immersive Black History Museum takes a satirical look at 400 years of the African-American experience --- Regardless of how you identify, The Black History Museum…According to the United States of America at HERE Arts Center will probably make you uncomfortable. An immersive theatrical experience, the show/exhibition takes audiences on...
Why Is This Woman Covered in Fur and Caged?
Thursday, November 07, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    2 comments Share This
Thu Nov 7, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    2 comments Share This
After almost a quarter century, Migdalia Cruz's FUR has its belated New York premiere --- Migdalia Cruz, who turns 61 this week, wrote FUR when she was in a very different place in her life. First staged in Chicago in 1995, the absurdist romance about a fur-covered woman has been produced all over the world, including in Turkey and Egypt. After almost...
If You Think You Know Tina Turner's Story, You're Wrong
Wednesday, November 06, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    5 comments Share This
Wed Nov 6, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    5 comments Share This
How the musical Tina reveals new facets of the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll --- When Tony-nominated playwright Katori Hall was approached about penning the book for Tina, the new Broadway musical about legendary singer-songwriter Tina Turner, she initially worried there might not be anything new to say. "Because she has lived her life as an open book, I...
Finding the Drama in Cooking and Conversation
Wednesday, October 30, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Wed Oct 30, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Richard Nelson continues his poignant exploration of a changing America with his latest Rhinebeck Panorama play --- Don't come to The Michaels hungry -- at least not for food. As with the previous naturalistic dramas in writer-director Richard Nelson's Rhinebeck Panorama (The Apple Family Plays tetralogy, The Gabriels trilogy), his latest play at...
Putting the Refugee Experience on Stage
Thursday, October 24, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
Thu Oct 24, 2019  •   Playwriting  •    0 comments Share This
This season, a striking number of new (and returning) plays are exploring the plight of the displaced --- Arian Moayed, who was only five years old when he and his family left post-revolutionary Iran, was so moved by "the incredible images and heartbreaking stories" coming from asylum seekers on the U.S.-Mexico border that he felt compelled to do...
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