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Due to COVID protocol requirements, audience members must be vaccinated and wear a mask at all Broadway and most Off-Broadway shows.

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The discounted prices displayed are 20 to 50 percent off full price and include all service charges.

Times Square Booth

The TKTS Booth is currently closed. The following shows appeared on the boards previously.
UPDATED: Saturday, September 25, 6:19 AM

Broadway Shows:
8:00 PM American Utopia
8:00 PM P Chicken & Biscuits
2:00 PM P Chicken & Biscuits (Saturday Matinee)
7:00 PM Come From Away
8:00 PM P Is This A Room
2:00 PM P Lackawanna Blues (Saturday Matinee)
8:00 PM P Pass Over
2:00 PM P Pass Over (Saturday Matinee)

OffBroadway Shows:
8:00 PM Blue Man Group
5:00 PM P Chasing Jack (Saturday Matinee)
10:00 PM P Drunk Shakespeare
8:00 PM P Letters of Suresh
2:00 PM P Lettes of Suresh (Saturday Matinee)
5:00 PM Metamorphosis (Saturday Matinee)
8:00 PM P Perfect Crime
2:00 PM P Perfect Crime (Saturday Matinee)
8:00 PM Stomp
3:00 PM Stomp (Saturday Matinee)
7:00 PM The Office ! A Musical Parody
2:00 PM The Office! A Musical Parody (Saturday Matinee)

P = These shows are also available at the Play Only window.
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