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TDF presented the first sign language interpreted performance of a Broadway show, The Elephant Man, in 1980.


Board of Trustees
TDF is tremendously grateful to its board members for their contributions of time and resources to the organization.

Earl D. Weiner, Chair
Sandra Kresch, Vice Chair
Robert T. Goldman, Treasurer
Amy Chin, Secretary

Victoria Bailey
Clover Bergmann
Wendy Davies
Sharon Dunn
Terry Fitzpatrick
Bettye R. Fletcher
Robert Fried
Joseph Giraldi
Don W. Harrell
Meg Herrman
David D. Holbrook
Amy Lane
Gail Levenstein
Pia Lindström
Hector R. Lozada
H. Gwen Marcus
D. Kenneth Patton
Penny Peters
Charles L. Reinhart
Sharon Ruwart
Ruth Sarfaty
Eileen S. Silvers
Donna Williams
Dudley N. Williams, Jr.
Edward Nathan Wolff

Chairs Emeriti
August Heckscher (1967)
John E. Booth (1967-70)
George Backer (1970-73)
Stephen Benedict (1973-75; 1987-90)
Anna E. Crouse (1975-77; 1981-84)
Lloyd Richards (1977-81)
Edwin Wilson (1984-87)
David D. Holbrook (1990-97; 2005-08)
John F. Breglio (1997-2005)

Founding Trustees
Stephen Benedict
John E. Booth (1919-2008)
August Heckscher (1913-97)
Stuart W. Little (1921-2008)
John F. Wharton (1894-1977)