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Subscribe to TDF Stages Goes Live Our new online look is more than a cosmetic change—it’s designed to spotlight the many live-performance resources at your fingertips.
Things are different here at TDF. We want you to get up and go to a show! Okay, that’s not a new priority for us—but one glance at our home page should show you that we’ve come up with great new tools and resources to help you on your way to your next theatre or dance performance. Not sure what to see? Our new Show Search function can be searched by name, keyword or category. Not sure how to get tickets? If you're a TDF member, login at the upper righthand corner and see what's on sale. Want to know more about a TDF program you’ve heard about? Click through the six site-content sections to the left, each of which opens a flyout menu for ease of navigation.

Theatre Development Fund is known to theatregoers the world over for our TKTS Discount Booth in Times Square. But TDF, the largest performing arts nonprofit in the United States, does many different things, and for every program there’s a constituency: New Yorkers know us for our membership program. Teachers know us for our education programs. Theatregoers who are deaf or hard of hearing know us for our access programs. We’ve designed all these programs because we think that the arts have something to offer everyone, and we want to help pave the way for people to get to them—to remove any possible barriers between audiences and performances.

Our new design is about smoothing your way, too. There are up-to-date weather advisories and news about theatre closings; tips for theatregoing novices and original editorial content to give you a look behind the scenes of New York's most exciting shows. Indeed, we’ve spent the past year crafting a new Website that will help you discover your next live theatre and dance experience, no matter who you are. If you’ve visited our site before, you’ll notice lots of new features and tools. If you’ve never been here, welcome! You've just crossed the doorstep into a wonderful world of live performance. There are thousands of seats in hundreds of theatres all over New York waiting for you.

We’ll see you there!

An overview of the new features [pdf]

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What "Spring" Wanted
As producer of the hot new Broadway musical, Tom Hulce has followed a tune called by the material.

Broadway's Class of 2006-2007
Revivals galore? Check. Musicals adapted from movies? Check. Edgy Off-Broadway transfers? Double-check. This is shaping up to be an especially exciting season on the Main Stem.

Readers Theatre
Open captioning reaches more, and says more, than traditional sign language interpretation by itself. That's why TDF's Accessibility Membership has made it a key program.

A Class Act
It's standing room only in teaching artist Nilaja Sun's newest classroom

Re-Booth at Duffy Square
The TKTS Discount Booth and Duffy Square are getting a makeover. Take a peek behind the barricades.